Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Wentworthville - a Carmelite Family Parish

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Become a Catholic

Do you feel like you are being called to something new in your life? Could that involve a deeper relationship with God? Even if you're only remotely curious in becoming a Catholic, we have people who can support you on this journey.

Become a Catholic


New Parishioners

Are you new to our parish? If you are, then you're most welcome. Let us know who you are by completing our online registration form.



Support Us

Our parish is a community that relies on the gifts of time, talent and treasure that our members generously share with us. What can you do to help?

Sharing our Gifts of Time

Are there ways you can give of your time? Perhaps you can spare some time every second Thursday to help clean the church? Maybe you can arrive a little earlier or leave a little later and help us set up or tidy up before and after Mass? There are many simple things that need to be done - all we need are people with some time to donate to the cause.

Learn more about the various parish activities you can contribute to.

Sharing our Gifts of Talent

Do you possess a particular skill or talent that you can share with us? Some gifts (eg musical ability) can be used to enrich our community during liturgical celebrations. Perhaps you have a trade and/or run a small business and could support us with maintenance work around the church? Maybe you have 'green thumbs' that can be put to good use in our gardens?

Contact the parish office if you have a particular skill which you could put to good use in our parish.

Sharing our Gifts of Treasure

While no one should be pressured to give more than they can afford, the reality is that our parish relies on the financial support of parishioners to undertake its day-to-day operations.

While dropping some money on the plate always helps, it helps us even more if you join the Planned Giving Program. The Planned Giving Program allows the parish to budget more effectively and plan for its future needs with greater certainty.

How can I support the Planned Giving Program?

Envelope donations are the most common method. Contact the parish office or visit the Carmel Gift Shop after Sunday Masses to arrange for a set of weekly donation envelopes to be issued to you. With envelopes you can donate using cash, cheque or credit card.

Direct Debit is an easy way to contribute. You don't need to worry about having money on hand to put on the collection plate, and you save the parish the financial and environmental cost of issuing envelopes to you.

Download the Direct Debit form, complete it, and return it to the parish office.

Please note that the Diocesan Development Fund (by whom this form is issued) is the parish's financial institution, and therefore manages the direct debit of accounts on its behalf. Please contact your financial institution to confirm that your account is eligible for direct debit, and for information on any fees or charges that may be applicable.

Make a Bequest
Some people also choose to remember the parish in their will. Talk to your solicitor if you wish to make a bequest to the parish.



Parish Groups

There's lots happening in our parish, and many things you can contribute to. To get in touch with any of these groups or organisations, use the contact details under the entry, or contact the Parish Office.

Catholic Women's League

Branch President: Colleen

Catholic Women's League is parish based within the Catholic Church. The organisation under the Patroness of Our Lady Help of Christians provides a voice for Catholic women by addressing social and moral issues affecting family life, particularly of women and children. It works with Church leaders to fulfil the mission of the Church, especially in areas of social justice, and promotes ecumenism and interfaith dialogue.

Church Cleaning

Coordinator: Pauline Cassar

Cleaning is done fornightly on a Thursday morning. Cleaning tasks include: vacuuming and dusting in the body of the church (not the sanctuary), cleaning the glass in the church and sweeping the immediate church surrounds. A list of duties is posted in the cleaning equipment room and as the jobs are completed they are ticked off, so that other volunteers coming later can see what still has to be done.
East Timor Committee

Contact: Sr Margaret Harrison RSM

The Australian Carmelites have been asked to care for the Parish of Zumalai in East Timor and because our parish is in the care of the Carmelite Friars, we have chosen as a special work, to assist them by raising funds for specific projects being undertaken in the parish of Zumalai. The East Timor Committee is responsible for coordinating and managing fund raising, liaising with other groups and parishes who are also involved in the East Timor project and providing updates and information about East Timor and Zumalai to the wider parish community. The Committee meets about once every two months.

Finance Committee

Chairman: Clieve Lennon

The Finance Committee is appointed by the Parish Priest in order to advise and assist him in the financial management of the parish. Duties include advising on financial policy, making recommendations on building projects and assisting with obtaining quotes and tenders, supervising the planned giving program and reporting, at least annually, the financial position of the parish to the parish community.

The Finance Committee is required to meet at least quarterly but depending on events may meet more frequently.


Coordinator: Jay Dass

The Hospitality Committee's mission is to love one another as Christ loves us by welcoming and embracing all newcomers and members, by nurturing our parish relationships through welcoming people to Mass, coordinating the provision of drinks and biscuits after Mass and coordinating refreshments and set up parish social events. The work of the Hospitality Committee is enriched by the enthusiastic participation of the parish and the support of our generous volunteers.

Through Hospitality, we seek to see the face of Christ in one another. We foster a sense of belonging, not only amongst each other, but also towards all those new to our parish. Hospitality helps all parishioners feel that they are welcome and have an ownership in the community.

Lay Carmelites

Contact: Graham Sievers

The Lay Carmelites are a group of lay men and women who form an integral part of the Caremelite family and try to live out the Carmelite way of life in the ordinary circumstances of their family and social life. The Wentworthville Community meet in the parish centre at 11:00 am on the third Sunday of each month for prayer and formation in Carmelite spirituality. The meetings are a time to grow together in friendship and a deeper commitment to the values of Carmelite life. They also arrange days or weekends of prayer throughout the year.

Liturgical Ministries

There are a variety of ministries parishioners can participate in to contribute to the liturgical life of our parish.  Further information about each of these ministries can be found on our Liturgy site by clicking the links below.

Acolytes and Altar Servers assist the priest with the celebration of the Mass, particularly through processions, and service at the presider’s chair and altar.  Men can be instituted as acolytes after undergoing formation provided by the Diocese.  Any parishioner who has received First Communion can be a junior or senior (adult) server.  Contact: John O’Loughlin.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is usually celebrated during the school terms at the 9:00 am Sunday Mass.  The gospel reading is proclaimed, broken open and responded to in ways suited to the needs of children by leaders and helpers who prepare and lead the liturgy on a rostered basis.  Contact: Paola Yevenes.

Computer Operators manage the display of hymn lyrics and other texts as required during Mass.  The PowerPoint files are prepared by volunteers who support each of the various music groups.  Contact: Robert Barden.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion at Masses, or by taking Communion to the sick and housebound.  Contact: Robert Barden.

Hospitality is provided by greeters who welcome people before Mass and assist with enquiries, and by kitchen volunteers who assist with the serving of tea and coffee after Mass.  Coordinator: Jay Dass.

Ministers of the Word proclaim the scripture readings at Mass, provide information and guidance to parishioners as required through the commentary and lead the Prayer of the Faithful on a rostered basis.  Contact: Parish Office (Rosters), Robert Barden (Formation).

Music Ministers lead the parish in song at Mass. 

Among the various groups are our Parish Choir, who lead the singing at the 9:00 am Mass, as well as on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.  Rehearsals are held weekly on Monday evenings prior to Easter and Christmas, and at other times as advertised in Carmel.  Contact: Kathy Lyon. 

Our Children’s Choir provide music on the fourth Sunday of the month at the 6:00 pm Saturday Mass. Rehearsals are on the third Saturday of every month from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Children under 7 must be accompanied by a parent.  Contact: Lucia Pringadi. 

Other music groups lead music at different Masses, with their own leaders and rehearsal schedules.  Contact: Robert Barden.

Sacristans ensure that the sanctuary and requisites for communion are prepared prior to Mass, and contribute to the care and maintenance of the sacristy and its contents.  Volunteers assist the sacristans by washing and ironing church linen.  Contact: Joe Moutia.

Wardens conduct the collections taken up at Sunday Masses and assist with the orderly and reverent celebration of the Mass by assisting and ushering the assembly when required.  Please speak to one of the wardens at Mass if you wish to assist. Contact: Clieve Lennon.

Liturgy Committee

Liturgy Coordinator: Robert Barden

The Liturgy Committee supports the parish priest in promoting the liturgical life of the parish.

Mount Carmel Tots Playgroup

Coordinator: Danielle Gardner

The playgroup gives young families who have children aged 0 to 5 years the opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed and informal environment.

For young children about to make the transition from home to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School, the parish playgroup can be an important stepping stone. Through organised activities, the children are encouraged to share, communicate and form friendships which will be with them when they enter Kindergarten.

Parents who attend playgroup participate by helping in the organising, preparation and running of each session.

The playgroup gathers in the parish hall each Friday between 9:15 and 11:15 am.

Special Religious Educators (Catechists)

Coodinator: Natalie Stewart

The Special Religious Educators (SREs) or Catechists are volunteers who take the Good News to Catholic children in the State Primary Schools located in our parish.

The classes are held weekly and last for approximately half an hour.

This is a very rewarding ministry - just ask anyone who has been involved.

Support and backup are always available and excellent resources for children and teachers are given. Student learning is directed by the curriculum Christ, Our Light and Life, and training courses for Educators are conducted regularly by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Parramatta, in collaboration with the Institute for Mission.

Meetings with the coordinator are held regularly for mutual support and discussion.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Contact: Carmel Ruddy

The Wentworthville St Vincent de Paul Society Conference is involved in helping the community on a number of levels: some members visit people in their homes, offering advice and assistance; a number of people enjoy working in the Vinnies Shop in Dunmore Street; yet others are involved in the St Vincent de Paul Special Works which include Cardinal Freeman Centre (A crisis accomodation centre for homeless men), budget counselling, family care and support, aged care, drop-in centres, employment centres for people with disabilities, disaster recovery and crisis relief.

New members are always welcome. Local conference meetings are held in the parish centre on alternate Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.